PSHE Online Safety Curriculum Videos 2018-2019

Y4 Guide to sharing and commenting on photos and videos

Watch this instructional video about the perils of data sharing and the strategies to increase security of their apps and devices.

Y3 Aslans explain PEGI ratings and why they're important

Watch this excellent video explaining the importance of PEGI ratings and their relevance to pupils in Primary education.

F2 - Dear parents, will you help me when I see things online that upset me?

F2 pupils know that wen they're on the internet they are likely to see things that will upset them. In this video they ask their parents to help them deal with things that they find upsetting.

Elmers - Spring 2 Baby Shark, Getting Active for the Digital 5 a day

Elmers Get Active as part of the Digital 5 a day challenge.

F2 Spring 2 PSHE Digital 5 a day diet

F2 tackle the Digital 5 a day diet.

Y1 Giants PSHE Digital 5 a day diet

Find out how Smartest Giants have tackled the Digital 5 a day challenge.

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